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Misson Staemet

Mission Statement

A venture years in the making.  Hockey With Purpose is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for various charities throughout North America through the venue of the great game of hockey.  Proceeds from all HWP events will always benefit our non-profit partners or a special cause or further our mission to enhance the game of hockey.


Our Foundation was created out of a desire to use our hockey community to improve or raise awareness and give back to many causes.  As most events usually partner with a specific charity is nothing new, we want to bring a unique vision to hockey events throughout the east coast.  Combining our love for competition and community, our events are truly unique. 


Our Board of Directors all came together through a desire to build a different type of sports brand; one that improves the lives of those who embrace the hockey community.  All our directors have worked with each other in the past on a multitude of events, with over 50 years combined time in the music, concert, sports, and live event industry.

Hockey Team Huddle


Non-Profit Partners

To be able to provide financial assistance to career firefighters or their families who have experienced catastrophic injury or death in the line of duty, death through common accident or sickness, the significant illness of the firefighter or a member of his/her family, or a significant catastrophic loss.  


The Emily Evans Concert For Hope Fund is on a mission to support those suffering from addiction and mental illness, using music and community as the vessel. By creating awareness in the community, and raising money for organizations that directly serve those suffering from mental health issues and addiction.

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